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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TLTI?
What are the TLTI Tracks?
Who are TLT Trainers?
What are the Modes of Training?
What are the Advantages of Choosing TLT for Training?

What is TLTI?

TLTI stands for Timothy Leadership Training Institute, an organization that took root in Africa in the 1990's and has since developed rapidly throughout the world. The mission of TLTI is to train pastors, evangelists and lay leaders, enabling them to build viable and healthy congregations and communities in the spirit of 2 Timothy 2:2: "Entrust what you have heard from me to those who will be qualified to teach others." TLT goals include the growth of faith, generosity and productive employ accounted for through regular reporting.

What are the TLTI Tracks?

  • Track 1 - Caring for God's People and Christian Stewardship (2 manuals)
  • Track 2 - From Harm to Harmony: Overcoming Violence in the Family and Biblical Preaching (2 manuals)
  • Track 3 - Teaching the Christian Faith and Praising God in Work and Worship, or God's Plan for Sustainable Development (2 manuals)

Who are TLT Trainers?

Trainees become trainers after they complete the two manuals of Track 1, including the 4-6 month written action plan and report at the next training session on the results of action plans for each manual. They receive a Basic Trainers Certificate upon completion.

Trainers become Master Trainers by completing the two manuals of Track 2, including the two 4-6 month action plans plus the manuals of Track 3. Upon completion of their training, Master Trainers receive certificates during a group celebration. Master Trainers are asked to support or join the National Coordination Team in their area.

What are the Modes of Training?

Training can take place in several ways. Flexibility is needed to accommodate the trainees and their situations.

  1. Event based weeklong sessions of about 30 hours of training time. Four sessions are held at 6 month intervals with the same training group. During this two year period, the manuals of Track 1 and 2 are studied in depth. Participants work through the lessons of one or two manuals and learn to make good Action Plans. After 4-6 months, the same people meet together again. They report on their Action Plans and then go on to study the next manuals.
  2. Event based weekend (or weekday) sessions of about 16 hours of training time. Participants work through some of the lessons of one of the manuals. They will not be able to work through all the manuals but it is important to carefully work through the lesson on Action Plans.
  3. Church based weekly sessions are usually held in local churches. Training is facilitated by a TLT Trainer or Master Trainer. Trainees complete their "MY PLAN" assignments each week prior to the next week's session. They finish their study of each manual with the 4-6 month written action plan and report.

The complete training to become a Master Trainer usually takes a minimum of 18 months.

What are the Advantages of Choosing TLT for Training?

TLT promotes inductive learning and reflective skills so important for mature Christian faith. TLT also incorporates action planning and reporting to peers. It requires diligence and study, but is empowered with Biblical teaching and constant peer encouragement. The God-centered preaching taught in the second Track brings about significant growth in the faith life of God's people. This growth is observed and reported as church membership grows, as giving increases and as unemployment is overcome, even throughout the poorest countries of the world.

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