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Introduction to Timothy Leadership Training

During each training, three tracks are available for participants to enroll in:

  • Track 1 - Caring for God's People (Summary) and Christian Stewardship (Summary)
  • Track 2 - From Harm to Harmony: Overcoming Violence in the Family (Summary) and Biblical Preaching (Summary)
  • Track 3 - Teaching the Christian Faith (Summary) and Praising God in Work and Worship (Summary) or God's Plan for Sustainable Development (Summary)

Tracks must be taken in order. Manuals may be downloaded from our site with permission from the Timothy Office or a Regional Director.

Each manual has been carefully written for use by pastors, evangelists, and lay leaders. Click the links above to learn more about each manual.

If you'd like to view past reports of Training Events, you may read them on our site. Read TLT Reports now!

Click here for a list of languages in which the manuals are available.

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Upcoming Trainings

US based Timothy Leadership Training Events:

  • Grand Rapids: June 5-8
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